RDA Print

I’ve just received my print copy of RDA: It’s a beast. It seems larger than the print AACR. A print version is useful for teaching purposes and may be cheaper in the long run, since a yearly subscription to the e-version is a little prohibitive. It saddens me to say that I had to use to purchase this item. I have nothing against Amazon, and have been a happy client of theirs for years, but shouldn’t the Canadian Library Association be handling the selling of the print RDA? According to both the ALA and RDA websites, Canadian customers are directed to the CLA website to purchase the print RDA, but all you get is a dead link with NO mention made anywhere in the website about how I can purchase RDA. Amazon, bless them, delivered the print version three weeks ahead of their original schedule, which means that I have it in time for my advanced cataloguing class; I was even refunded 62 cents since the manual was cheaper now then when it was when I pre-ordered it. I’m sure there may be a valid reason for CLA to not be providing the print manual, but I must admit that it looks bad when our national LIS association is not stepping up, when ALA has for our American friends.

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