Is relying on gadgets making us stupid?

This article has certainly given me food for thought, if you’ll excuse the pun.  Given my love of gadgets and technology, I would probably be an excellent candidate for a study of the impact of gadgets on cognitive functions.  I’m fortunate to work in a career and environment where cognitive functions are tested rigorously every day, but I do wonder what effect my use of gadgets is having on my memory.  According to the VARK inventory of learning styles, I process information best by reading or writing it; I see my gadgets as being an extension of this style.  Tell me a phone number verbally, and I will forget it within 30 seconds; I invariably need to write it down (in one of my gadgets …).  I wonder, however, whether by feeding my learning style, gadgets are reducing even further my ability to process information verbally.

Is relying on gadgets making us stupid? – The Globe and Mail.


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