Kobo’s New Social Reading Platform Has Launched –

As a Kobo and BlackBerry client and someone whose research has focused on transforming library catalogues into social spaces, I am particularly intrigued and excited by Kobo’s announcement that it will be releasing a social reading application that works with BlackBerry Messenger. This app will let readers  “shop with a friend, read with a group, exchange passages, and discuss the book in real-time.”  These features – with the obvious exclusion of the commercial aspects – are exactly the direction in which I think library catalogues should go.  I have argued for a number of years that library catalogues should enable communication amongst patrons, allowing them to share and discuss their reading, hearing, and viewing interests.  This type of interactivity may be particularly valuable for people for whom access to a physical branch may be difficult or limited.  One of the logistical challenges of this type of app is the lack of compatibility across different platforms, such as BlackBerry, Android, iPhones, etc., which can serve to limit its use.  I live in hope that cross-platform compatibility will be in our near future.

Kobo’s New Social Reading Platform Has Launched – eBookNewser.

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