Top court to rule if PM, ministers subject to info law

The Supreme Court of Canada will decide on Friday whether the public should have access to the prime minister’s schedule and agenda books. All requests for this information, under the Freedom of Information Act,  have been rejected by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) on the grounds that this information is protected by exemptions in this Act and the Privacy Act. Judges arbitrating appeals to these decisions have differed in their rulings, with some stating that the exemptions did not apply, and others supporting fully the PMO’s decision.  This decision by the Supreme Court should make for an interesting case study for my Records Management class. I must admit that it’s not very clear to me why all such information should be exempt; while I can certainly understand the PMO not wishing to reveal information about meetings that may have security or diplomatic implications, but what about a great deal of the PM’s day-to-day business – how contentious could this be?

Top court to rule if PM, ministers subject to info law – Canada – CBC News.


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