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Workers See Social Networking Risk to Personal and Corporate Security

Workers See Social Networking Risk to Personal and Corporate Security.

This article discusses the perceptions of organizations in the UK and their employees about the potential risks of using social networking within a corporate environment.  The major perceived risks, unsurprisingly, are:

  • Potential leakage of sensitive information
  • Unintentional upload of Trojans or viruses to employees’ computers
  • Increased targeting of individuals who are associated with the company for social engineering attacks
  • Individuals falling prey to fraudulent scams

Employees believe that organizations need to provide clear guidelines and policies pertaining to the use of social networking sites within the corporate environment.  This is a point I make countless times in my Records Management class; it’s rather astonishing how many organizations do not, in fact, have such guidelines and policies, and are often in the position of closing the proverbial barn doors after the cows have already escaped.

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