Managing my film collection

I’m an avid film buff; I saw my first black and white film at an early age and was hooked instantly.  Keeping track of the films I own and, more importantly, the films I’ve watched, has been a rather painful process over the years.  I’ve tried Access databases, but they are simply too cumbersome, as so much data about a film must be entered manually.  I was using a social media tool to manage my films, but was not impressed with the quality of the metadata (namely, title, date, and image); furthermore, the tool was discontinued earlier this year.  I came across Eric’s Movie Database yesterday and  am thrilled with it so far.  It’s a programme you download to your desktop, so you’re not sharing your films in a social forum which, to be honest, I prefer.  The best feature of this programme is that it downloads records from IMDB; I simply enter the title of the film, and IMDB provides me with a list of matches from which I can choose.  The record downloads very quickly, and contains a lot of very important metadata for a film buff and amateur historian.  You can choose how to sort and filter your films.  I like the option of viewing the films by the image on their jewel case. Below is the metadata downloaded for one of my favourite Warner Brothers gangster films:

I can add my own metadata to the record but, as you can see, it’s already very complete.  I value the feature that allows me to specify whether I own the film, wish to see it, or have already seen it.  Considering the considerable number of films I have seen in my life, so want to distinguish between the films I actually own and those that I’ve seen but do not own.

2 thoughts on “Managing my film collection”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I intend to use this so I can keep track of what films I have watched over the years. Recommending and then making people watch the films I’ve enjoyed, is one of my pleasures in life.

  2. You’re welcome, Terry. I think you know how fond (OK, obsessed) I am of films. This is by far the best product I’ve come across for keeping track of the films I own and have watched.

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