Eight Qualities of a Social Media Expert

This article tries to distinguish between someone who is an active user of social media, and one who has a level of expertise in this area. A social media expert:

  1. Forms Part of a Community of Practice
  2. Invests Time in Continuous Learning
  3. Inspires Colleagues to Experiment
  4. Models Best Practices
  5. Creates Platforms, Tools and Opportunities for Colleagues
  6. Is Focused on Team and Department Metrics and Objectives
  7. Pushes A Social Media Agenda Outside of Department or Unit
  8. Makes Lots of Mistakes

I like the fact that this article focuses on the conceptual aspects of social media, rather than the technicalities.  It is true that so many people are very skilled in their personal use of social media, but that they do not think much beyond the application of social media outside their personal domain. Given my research interests and my advocacy for the use of social media,  I hope that I exhibit at least some of the qualities described above 🙂


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