Pearson and Google have announced a joint partnership to launch a fee learning management system. The article states that  OpenClass is “a free LMS that combines standard course-management tools with advanced social networking and community-building, and an open architecture that allows instructors to import whatever material they want, from e-books to YouTube videos. ”

The integration of OpenClass with Google apps intrigues me.  Rather than log in to a separate LMS, I could access OpenClass via my iGoogle account, in the same way that I can access my gmail, Google maps, Google docs, etc., via one interface.  The social networking aspects are important, too, since our existing LMS is limited in this regard. Some areas of concern, particularly in Nova Scotia, where we are bound my privacy legislation when it comes to information being stored on U.S. servers, is where class and student information will be stored.  It’s certainly something worth exploring, however, especially since students may find it more accessible and appealing.

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