Yet another collection of horror films

I’ve added yet another collection of classic horror films to my collection. This set features 50 classic horror movies, a number of which I own separately or as part of other collections, but at a Christmas price of $15, I couldn’t resist. It bothers me a bit that they put the face of Lon Chaney, as the Phantom of the Opera, on the front cover, as this takes away from the spectacular denouement of his face in the film, but then again, it’s probably easy to assume that whoever buys this collection is familiar with the film.

As I discussed this collection with my friends on Facebook, I was faced with a number of “does it include X film?”  Clearly there is an abundance of choice when it comes to choosing classic B horror films.   Mind you, a number of these films are actually of A quality.  My favourite film in the collection is the 1922 Nosferatu, a film I first saw when I was seven.  I still remember the terror I experienced while watching this film (yes, I loved silent films as a child) and the fact that I couldn’t sleep for the next week.  I’ve watched practically every Dracula or vampire-based film made since then, yet none has had the enduring impact of Nosferatu.  This film inspired in me the love of German Expressionist films,  of which I have yet to see The Student of Prague (1913), which I haven’t found on DVD.

I’d welcome your suggestions of classic horror films (B are especially welcomed) from the silent era to the 1950s.

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