40 Years of Masterpiece on PBS: A Look Back & Ahead

MovieMorlocks.com – 40 Years of Masterpiece on PBS: A Look Back & Ahead.

I could not resist including this post, since I’m an avid fan of Masterpiece Classic and, more so, Masterpiece Mystery.  I’ve been a financial supporter of PBS for many years, even though I’m Canadian.  When I lived in Toronto, I always found it amusing that the Buffalo PBS station had more Canadian supporters than Americans.  The Masterpiece series have been my television comfort food for so many years in the increasing mediocrity that is television programming (mercifully, I have heard that reality shows are starting to decline; their death knell cannot come quickly enough).  I’ve jumped wholeheartedly on the Downton Abbey bandwagon and worship at the shrine of the new Sherlock.  I’ve seen just about every film and television version of Sherlock Holmes, and the current PBS/BBC offering ranks as the highest or, at least, on par with the Jeremy Brett versions.

I’ve been reorganizing my DVD collection – again – and have been struck by the number of DVDs that were produced when the A&E channel was actually called the Arts and Entertainment channel for a reason.  It’s hard to believe that the present horror that is A&E produced shows such as Horatio Hornblower, Pride & Prejudice, Ivanhoe, and so forth.

I’m eagerly awaiting the launch of Downtown Abbey Series 2 this Sunday, as well as the upcoming Series 2 of Sherlock


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