Businesses need to adapt to the cloud

Businesses need to adapt to the cloud | The Chronicle Herald.

An interesting post from the local newspaper about the growing importance of cloud computing to manage business records.  The post confirms one of the findings in Gartner’s predictions for the 2012 IT landscape:

“Emergence of the nexus of four forces: The convergence of cloud, social, mobile and information into a unified set of forces shaping almost every IT-related decision. See “Predicts 2012: Cloud Services Brokerage Will Bring New Benefits and Planning Challenges,” “Predicts 2012: Cloud Computing Is Becoming a Reality,” “Predicts 2012: New Considerations Influencing IT Procurement and Asset Management,” “Predicts 2012: Information Infrastructure and Big Data,” “Predicts 2012: The Rising Force of Social Networking and Collaboration Services” and “Predicts 2012: Plan for Cloud, Mobility and ‘Big Content’ in Your ECM Strategy.” All this research and more recount the emergence of this nexus and the forces that form it. Additional complexity comes from the need to support users and employees from any screen, as noted in “Predicts 2012: The Success of Consumer Devices Will Rest on Delivering the Ultimate Experience.” As IT organizations and business users evolve their strategies, they need to ask themselves how they will handle the nexus — whether in individual pieces, or as a unified phenomenon all of itself.”

Having been involved in institutional discussions about the  move to cloud computing and collaborative work spaces, I am struck by the increasing need for records and information management professionals to be at the table.

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