Vegan Living: The Bathroom

The Bathroom is a place that can contain a veritable cesspool of toxins.  Here are the products I use to minimize this toxic waste.

As with the kitchen, I use vinegar, water, baking soda, and borax to clean surfaces.  I use Nature Clean‘s all-purpose cleaner to wash my tiled floors with a fibre mop. I sometimes add a few drops of Tea Tree essential oil for the added disinfectant properties. A few drops of tea tree oil in a glass of water works well as a natural mouthwash and to clean your toothbrush.

For teeth, I use the Ekotec toothbrush with a replaceable head, made by Fuchs.  I know there is some concern about flouride, but I’m not comfortable with not using a flouride toothpaste, since I’d like to keep my teeth as strong as possible.  My compromise is to use both flouride and non-flouride based toothpastes; for the former, I use Jason‘s Healthy Mouth Plus toothpaste, while for the latter,  I use products from the Hawkesbury Ontario based Green Beaver, and the Pointe-Claire Quebec based Druide.

I avoid liquid soaps, since they contain more chemicals than I like and use excess packaging.  I buy locally-made soaps from Osha Mae Soap and Earth Elementals, both based in Halifax. I use shampoos, conditioners, and styling products from Green Beaver and Druide.

I have extremely sensitive and reactive skin, so I don’t always have a choice when it comes to what I can use: Natural does NOT mean irritant free in some cases.  I use the Rose facial cleanser from Osha Mae, and serums and creams from the Toronto-based Isomers; Isomers is the exception to my chemical-free choice, but it’s the only line that I’ve used that does not irritate my face.  I cannot use exfoliating products, so instead I use a hemp wash cloth.  I remove eye makeup with a Green Beaver cream remover.  For makeup I use mineral-based products from the Canadian LoriannZ; the only exception is the Kiss My Face mascara, since it works very well for me and I have yet to find a toxin-free mascara that works on my lashes, which are rather thick and need strong hold. I use resuable cosmetic cloths from Hankettes to remove eye makeup. Green Beaver, Druide, and Osha Mae make very good natural deodorants.

For body creams, I use the whipped shea butter cream from Earth Elementals and lotions from Green Beaver.  Green Beaver makes a very good toxin-free sunscreen, which is important for me, since I hate being in the sun.  For body powder, I use the Kaolin powder from Osha Mae.  I use cotton handkerchiefs from Hankettes and never buy any tissues.  Bathroom tissue is made from 100%. recycled paper. If you are interested in sustainable personal products for women, the Canadian Lunapads should be on your list.

Like many people, I keep the litter box in the bathroom.  I use Swheat Litter, which is made from wheat and can be flushed in the toilet, as it is totally biodegradable; it’s expensive, but worth it, and my cat loves it.

For towels I use bamboo, hemp, or soy-based products.  Organic cotton is fine, of course, but it does require a huge amount of water, so I use better alternatives whenever possible.


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