Vegan Living: The Kitchen

The kitchen is the lifeblood of most homes, especially if you like cooking as much as I do.  Here is what I use on a daily basis in my kitchen.

I’m a fanatic about coffee; I don’t drink large amounts of coffee, but it must be of excellent quality.  I buy whole beans from Just Us! and Java Blend, based in Wolfville and Halifax respectively. The coffee is locally-roasted, fair trade, eco-certified, and organic.  I’m not much of a tea drinker, but when I do buy tea, it’s from The World Tea House, a locally-owned company in Halifax committed to organic and ethically-sourced teas.

I buy local and organic produce from the wonderful Halifax Seaport Market. I also have local and organic produce delivered to my home by Home Grown Organic Foods, based in Halifax.  I buy as many bulk products as possible to cut down on wasteful packaging; the best places are The Bulk Barn and the Halifax food co-operative The Grainery.

I use organic cotton dish towels, cloths, and napkins from Hankettes, a locally-owned business in British Columbia. I do not use paper towels or napkins.  For cleaning products, I use a mixture of vinegar and water for all surfaces; I use straight vinegar or hydrogen peroxide on surfaces if I want to disinfect them. Baking soda or borax are excellent for scouring deeper stains.  For dish soap, I use Nature Clean, based in Toronto, and Attitude, based in Montreal. There is a local company in Dartmouth that produces some decent products, but they don’t use any form of certification, so I’d rather avoid them.

I make my own bread, using the fabulous Zojirushi breadmaker, and my own soymilk (or nut miks) with Soyabella.  I refuse to buy bottled water and use a counter top water filtration system by Aquasana.  I don’t make a point of walking around with water bottles, as I don’t seem to have joined the trend of needing to take a sip of water every five minutes, but if I do need to do so for choir rehearsal, for example, I use the stainless steel Kleen Kanteen. I use a French press for coffee, so I don’t need any coffee filters.  I use biodegradable kitchen bags from the Canadian BioBag company, and re-usable produce bags from the Montreal-based Credo Bags, and the Vancouver-based Carebags.  I use cotton canvas bags for grocery shopping, and always carry small reusable bags in my handbag from Envirosax.

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