New vegan cheesecake options in Halifax

Last week I visited The Sweet Hereafter Cheesecakery on Quinpool Street in Halifax.  I had walked by this place on more than one occasion, thinking that it would be highly unlikely to find anything I could eat.  Fortunately, I read about this restaurant in one of the Coast’s features on local restaurants, and learned that it serves a daily vegan cheesecake.  The decor is charming; they’ve maintained a lot of the look of the salon that had previously occupied the restaurant.  The decor is baroque, girly, and fun; clearly men weren’t intimidated by it based on the clientele :).  I had a nice chat with the owners, one of whom makes the cheesecakes, and I made sure to thank them for providing vegan options.  They told me that the vegan cheesecakes have become one of their most popular options and that they hope include more into their menu.

The vegan cheesecake of the day was chocolate raspberry (see image below). The texture was smooth and velvety.  You could taste the fresh (and real) raspberries.  The chocolate wafer crust was moist.  In short, a delicious gustatory experience.  I ordered another slice to go, since I was told it would freeze well.  At $8 a slice, the cheesecakes are not cheap, but they are worth every bite.







Other vegan options include:

Peanut Butter Chocolate
Maple Pumpkin
Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate Raspberry
Coconut Lime
Black Forest
Chocolate Oreo
Chocolate Amaretto
Dark Chocolate Hazelnut
Fresh Mango

I must visit again to try them all …


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