Urban Eatery

Eating at the food courts in most shopping centres is a challenge for anyone looking for nutritious food, but doubly so for a health-conscious vegan.  I was thus very pleasantly surprised by my visit to the Urban Eatery food court at Toronto’s Eaton Centre. The food selection is rather more upscale and sophisticated than is the norm for food courts.  Of special interest to me was the Urban Herbivore, a fully-vegan restaurant that serves delicious and nutritious food, and that was certainly very popular when I ate there.  You can order custom salad or grain bowls, or choose from a selection of sandwiches.  I had a barbeque tofu salad with miso sauce on an organic olive focaccia.  The sandwich was huge and served with a fresh mesclun salad (see image below).  It was hands down the best lunch I’ve ever had at a food court and, trust me, I’ve been to many.  Another aspect of the Urban Eatery that I liked is that if you order food to be eaten in the food court, you are given real plates, glasses, and cutlery, rather than those pesky plastic plates and utensils.  I think Toronto still has some way to go when it comes to providing organic waste bins in food courts (a feature that we’ve had in Halifax for several years), but this Eatery definitely meets with my approval.



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