Horror Films

In honour of Halloween, Movie Morlocks provides a fascinating look at the development of the horror film genre. Horror is not my favourite genre, as I can be quite easily scared and value my sleep time.  My first experience with the horror genre was the 1922 Nosferatu, which I saw at the age of six.  I remember my father warning me that the film would frighten me but, stubborn as always, I said that I could handle it, then spent most of the film with my hands over my eyes.  I was terrified by the bald, rat-like Count Orlock, and the eerie, Expressionistic feel (which I have come to love) of the film and the incredible use of shadows.  I could not sleep for a week.  I now own this film and love it, but it’s still very chilly are eerie.  I avoid any films that involve demonic possession, as they terrify me.  I have never watched The Exorcist and have no desire to do so.  Below are my favourite horror films which, not surprisingly, are atmospheric rather than horrifying:

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, 1920


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