Most health-conscious airports in the U.S.

Vegetarian News has listed the most health-conscious airports in the US. For a vegan, air travel can be a nightmare, particularly for long flights and layovers. Most airlines provide food for purchase, but there is never anything that isn’t filled with dairy or meat; often there isn’t even a vegetarian option.  Airports can be equally problematic.  I was most impressed with JFK airport, where one of the concessions (I can’t remember the terminal) had specifically-targeted vegan offerings.  The link might go down, so here is the list verbatim:

“Newark Liberty International Airport came in at first place because of its nutritious foods such as seaweed salad and falafel sandwiches, while Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport came in last. Chicago O’Hare International Airport was recognized as the most improved airport and San Francisco International Airport was this year’s biggest loser, dropping 19 points from 2011’s ranking. Las Vegas McCarran International Airport followed closely after Newark Liberty due to its produce-packed meals, including vegan hummus wraps, and smoked tofu, broccoli, and mushroom burritos.”

As a frequent traveller through Newark Liberty Airport, I must agree with this assessment UNLESS you fly through Terminal A, which is usually the case on my flights back to Halifax, in which case Starbucks is normally the only option.  I have to be very desperate for a caffeine hit to go to Starbucks, but that’s another story.


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