Vegan pizza


Pizza is one of my favourite foods.  I seem to have an almost limitless ability to consume pizza; for this reason, I prefer to make pizza myself, as I can control the levels of fat and salt. My make my own pizza dough using my Zojirushi breadmaker. I have tried different types of flours, but all-purpose unbleached flour produces the best results.


  • Tomato sauce.  I make a simple sauce using sauted garlic, crushed tomatoes, basil, and oregano.  Adding a teaspoon or so of sugar helps cut down the acidity of the tomatoes.  I usually add a full-bodied red wine for flavour.  I am a traditionalist when it comes to pizza; I’ve tried white sauces, but my preference is for red sauce.
  • Sliced kalamata olives.I always buy olives with pits, as I find they are more flavourful than pitted olives.  Slicing the olives around the pits is fiddly, but is worth the effort,  The challenge is to not eat too many olives while slicing them.
  • Sliced mushrooms.  If I am feeling particularly decadent, I’ll use oyster or shitake mushrooms.
  • Sun-dried tomatoes.  You have to be careful of not using too many, as otherwise the pizza will taste too salty.
  • Sliced artichokes.  The ones marinated in oil are higher in fat, but more flavourful.
  • Daiya cheese. I add this after the pizza has baked, as I don’t like the cheese to burn.
  • Bake at 425.

This is what the assembled pizza looks like, without cheese:

2012-12-07 18.02.19

Once the pizza is cooked, I sprinkle Daiya shredded cheese and cook until melted.





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