Adapting PowerPoint Lectures for Online Delivery: Best Practices

This article provides very useful tips for adapting PowerPoint lecture slides for online  delivery.  The following points are particularly useful for synchronous, or live, lectures.  Information should  be:

  • As concise as possible
  • Organized logically (no skipping around)
  • Relevant to the important concepts you’re trying to convey (as opposed to spending equal time on minor points or details)
  • Rich with stories, personal examples, and/or examples that clarify and amplify the important concepts
  • Primarily visual (very little text presented on any screen)
  • Broken down into separate 2-7 minute recordings, each based around a single concept.

I’ve conducted synchronous classes using “standard” PowerPoint slides, but have never been happy with the results, as I sound very much like a talking head.  I’m integrating many of the ideas in this article to create a more dynamic synchronous experience.  I will provide a full set of slides for students to peruse, but will use a separate, visually-based set for the synchronous sessions, with greater emphasis on student input.


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