Animal welfare

NS SPCA funding

Last week, the Nova Scotia SPCA announced that it would be suspending its animal cruelty investigations because of insufficient funding from the Nova Scotia government (it received only $3,000 from the Department of Agriculture in 2012).  No meeting has taken place yet between the two sides.  The Department has said that the SPCA took in $1 million last year and that cruelty investigations cost between $200,000-$270,000.   The Department does not address all the other expenses that the SPCA must cover with this $1 million; the society says that it carries an operational deficit of $100,000, so clearly the two sides have a very different understanding of the financial status of the SPCA.

I wrote to Agriculture Minister John McDonnell last week to express my concern about the lack of funding to the SPCA to investigate animal cruelty. I very much doubt that regional police forces have the time or resources to investigate cases in lieu of the SPCA, and the main focus of the Department is to investigate the treatment of farm animals.  I have yet to receive a response.

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