Animal welfare

Wearing your veganism with pride

This blog post makes a very eloquent argument for why one should not be afraid of wearing the “vegan extremist” label.  The author says  “I’m not suggesting that we act or speak in an “extreme” manner. Quite the contrary. I’m saying, “Keep your cool. Maintain your professional demeanor. Provide credible sources. But do not retreat from the ethical position that you know in your heart and in your mind to be right.”  Like many, if not most, ethical vegans, I have faced my fair share of aggressive or even hostile responses from people who feel the need to mock my choices.  As the post above suggests, this response is often the result of ignorance or fear of change, or possibly a guilty conscience. I like the reasoned tone he sets; all too often, ethical vegans are associated with the media-grabbing activities of organizations like PETA,  which sometimes serve to draw attention to themselves than to the plight of the animals.

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