The problem with palm oil

This article raises some significant concerns about palm oil, which is used widely in many vegan products.  I’ve known for some time that palm oil was problematic, but not to this extent.  I did some research into some of the everyday items that I use, and the following contain palm oil:

Green Beaver is free from palm oils, thank goodness, as I use their facial cleansers, sunscreen, and moisturizers.  Lush stopped using palm oil as their base for soaps over two years ago.  While I would prefer to buy soaps from local businesses, such as Earth Elementals and Osha Mae, I have been concerned about their use of palm oil; I’ll be sure to chat with them about this the next time I’m at the Seaport Market. Canadian company Druide is also palm free, from what I can gather.

Addendum.  The following Canadian-made soaps do not contain palm oils:


WorldCat database reaches 2 billion holdings

On May 7, WorlCat announced that it had added its two billionth holding, via an ebook record uploaded by the University of Alberta Libraries.  WorldCat was created in 1971 for libraries to share cataloguing information from a central database. Today, WorldCat contains records of the holdings of 72,000 libraries in 170 countries and territories. It is interesting to note that Canada was the second country to use WorldCat after the U.S.  The history of the exponential growth of the WorldCat holdings is fascinating:  It took thirty-four years to reach one billion records, yet only eight to reach two billion:


Animal welfare

Five animal motherhood stories

In honour of Mother’s Day, here is an article that features the experiences of five non-human mothers’ devotion to their children.  These articles highlight animals’ capacity for love, compassion, and kindness.  A recent publication by Barbara King discusses how animals are capable of experiencing grief and loss. All further evidence of our growing understanding of the sentience of non-human animals.