Healthy veganism

In her article, VegNews founder Colleen Hollander the changes in her eating choices in her eighteen years as a vegan, noticing that the increased number of vegan snack foods and processed foods has had a negative effect on the quality of the food she consumes.  I can well relate to Ms. Hollander, as I find myself surrounded every day with an increasing number of vegan options that are full of sugar, fat, and lacking in nutritional value. While I eat healthy and nutritionally-balanced foods, I have noticed that I’m indulging a little more in decadent vegan treats.  I try to limit these indulgences to my Saturday trip to the vegan vendors at the Seaport Market, but it can be a challenge at times.  Who would have thought, when I first embraced veganism, that I would be ruing the large number of vegan products on the market?


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