In memoriam: Tuxedo Stan


Although fans of Tuxedo Stan knew that his end was near, the news of his death on September 8 was very difficult to face.  The Chisholms, Tuxedo Stan’s human guardians, have received thousands of condolence messages from across the world, and Stan’s death has been reported in several local and national news media.  This beautiful cat touched the hearts of thousands of people across the world; “his” efforts to raise awareness of the lack of spay and neuter facilities in Halifax have made an impact on the provision of such services.  In honour of Tuxedo Stan, many of his fans have been making donations in his name to various animal charities.  Stan’s blood brother, Tuxedo Earl Grey, will run for premier in the upcoming Nova Scotia election; Earl Grey wants to lobby for the inclusion of cats in provincial animal protection legislation.  Some people have been critical of all the attention and public mourning expressed about Stan’s death; I’ve learned a long time ago to simply ignore the “it’s just a cat/dog” camp.  If “just a cat” can touch people to this extent and raise awareness of the plight of animals, it’s more than many real politicians can accomplish.  Mourning a sweet, departed creature is never wrong.

Go with God across the Rainbow Bridge, Tuxedo Stan.




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