Animal welfare dismissed all too often

Peter Fricker, projects and communications director at the Vancouver Humane Society, provides this very thoughtful piece about some very common attitudes towards animal welfare.  Mr. Fricker points to the very common reaction a number of people have to news about animal welfare and abuse: “They say they are appalled that time and money are spent on animals when there are humans suffering around the world from famine, disease and war.”  Mr. Fricker makes the following salient argument:

Well, before we stop lavishing those appallingly generous resources on animals and end our shameful pandering to their selfish whims, perhaps we might consider some other things we could cut back on. Some statistics might help:

  • Canadians spend about $21 billion a year at beer and liquor stores.
  • Canadians spent more than $35 billion on foreign travel in 2012.
  • On average, Canadians spend $310 a month on items they want but do not need

It’s funny how famine, disease and war rarely enter our thoughts when we’re having a drink by the pool in Maui, admiring the cool sunglasses we just bought. No, those thoughts only emerge when someone dares to say we should do more for animals.”

Well said, Mr. Fricker.



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