The barbarity of declawing

This article discusses veterinarian Jennifer Conrad’s fight against the declawing of exotic and domestic animals. “The surgical procedure, known as an onychectomy, involves amputation of the final segment of toe bone as well as the attached claw and can have numerous long-term complications, including chronic pain, bleeding, lameness, arthritis, aggressiveness and nail regrowth”. There is no excuse for this barbaric mutilation of animals. ¬†Responsible cat guardians can provide scratching posts or mats for cats, apply vinyl claw caps on the cats’ paws, and allow for regular professional nail trimming. No amount of furniture or curtains can justify this cruel practice. Declawing is banned in:

  • Europe
  • Brazil
  • California

Canada, unfortunately, is behind; I don’t believe that declawing is illegal in any province or territory.


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