Are animals the ghosts in our machine?

Marc Bekoff, emeritus professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder, provides this thought-provoking discussion about the film Ghosts in our machine, which documents the lives, suffering, and death of individual named animals. Bekoff posits:

Nonhuman animal beings are not mere ghosts, and society can’t continue to build on the backs of these individuals. They are real beings and they are sentient and they care deeply about what happens to them and to their family, their friends and their homes. To claim we still don’t know if other animals are conscious beings is to ignore an incredible amount of detailed scientific data and is thoroughly irresponsible…. The reprehensible and unnecessary torment to which we subject billions upon billions of fascinating animals as we conveniently distance ourselves from them is utterly shameful and not at all flattering to who we humans are.”

I very much doubt I can express my views towards animals better than Bekoff has above.


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