100 vegan-owned and vegan businesses

This post features vegan-owned business around the world.  The entries for Canada seem rather limited. I’ve added the following Canadian companies that I know of to supplement this list.

Just the Goods: I don’t know if Milena, the owner of this wonderful company, is vegan, but all her products are.  I buy a number of goods from this company.  Milena makes her own products, and her customer service is outstanding. Based in Winnipeg.

Meat free athlete.  Owner is vegan and sells vegan products. Based in Toronto.

Nice Shoes: Vegan-owned company in Vancouver that sells only vegan products. I’ve purchased shoes from this company and have been very pleased.

Truth Belts: Vegan belts, cuffs, and dog leashes.

Upaya Naturals:  Toronto-based company that sells raw vegan food, supplements, etc.

Vegan Cuts: Ottawa-based store that sells vegan foods, body care, fashion, etc.

Truly Organic Foods: Raw, vegan foods, and vegan personal care products. Based in Saint Catherine’s, Ontario.

Panacea: Toronto-based store that sells only vegan products.

The Vegan Artisan: Vegan foods, including frozen prepared meals. Mississauga, Ontario.




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