Touching letter from animal rescuer to animal abuser

The new human guardian of Cathy, a pit bull who had been abused and abandoned, wrote a touching letter to Cathy’s previous guardians (I use the term loosely).   The letter takes an admirably high road to explain what has  happened to Cathy in her new home, and ends simply with “you can’t have her back.” One look at the picture below is enough to show just how happy Cathy is in her new home.


Giraffe death in perspective

The image below presents a compelling argument about perspective. Like many people across the world, I was appalled by the senseless killing of the giraffe at the Copenhagen Zoo.  Thousands of people voiced their anger over this matter yet, as this image posits, where are the protests over the thousands of animals that are killed routinely every day for the sake of consumption?


Esther the wonder pig

Esther and her human family have been getting a lot of media attention.  Esther was rescued by a couple in Toronto, who thought they had adopted a mini-pig, only to realize that she was a full-sized pig.  This video expresses so well the impact Esther has had on her human family, and on how they have put a face to the meat they once used to consume.

Touching reunion between a member of the armed forces and her dog

This heart warming video shows the reunion between a member of the US armed forces and her dog.  This session took place during Queen Latifah’s show and discusses the work of the organization Dogs on Deployment, which helps to provide foster homes for the dogs of service personnel who are deployed overseas.  Kudos to the couple who started this organization and for recognizing this very important need.