Ten Twitter tools

This post lists ten free tools for helping you manage your Twitter accounts:

  1. Twitonomy (analytics)
  2. Tweetchup (hashtag manager)
  3. Tweriod (online status of followers)
  4. Buffer (automated posting)
  5. Followerwonk (location of followers)
  6. ManageFlitter (weed inactive accounts)
  7. Unfollowers (weed unfollowers)
  8. Commun.it (alerts to tweets that need a response)
  9. SumAll (daily activity reports)
  10. TweetReach (popularity of tweets)


Animal welfare

Touching letter from animal rescuer to animal abuser

The new human guardian of Cathy, a pit bull who had been abused and abandoned, wrote a touching letter to Cathy’s previous guardians (I use the term loosely).   The letter takes an admirably high road to explain what has  happened to Cathy in her new home, and ends simply with “you can’t have her back.” One look at the picture below is enough to show just how happy Cathy is in her new home.


Animal welfare

Touching reunion between a member of the armed forces and her dog

This heart warming video shows the reunion between a member of the US armed forces and her dog.  This session took place during Queen Latifah’s show and discusses the work of the organization Dogs on Deployment, which helps to provide foster homes for the dogs of service personnel who are deployed overseas.  Kudos to the couple who started this organization and for recognizing this very important need.


Six trends that will accelerate the adoption of technology in higher education

According to the 2014 Horizon report on higher education, the following trends will accelerate the adoption of technology:

  1. Growing ubiquity of social media
  2. Integration of online, hybrid, and collaborative learning
  3. Rise of data-driven learning and assessment
  4. Shift from Students as Consumers to Students as Creators
  5. Agile approaches to change
  6. Evolution of online learning