Raw food in Halifax

While I am not a raw foodist, I do like to consume at least 50% of my daily caloric intake in the form of raw food.  I make my own almond milk, sprout my own beans, grains, and legumes, juice fruits and vegetables, and consume a lot of raw vegetables every day. I purchase products from the following Halifax vendors:

Fruition. I have mentioned Fruition before in previous posts.  Seth and Jessie have opened a new store at the Seaport Market, and have expanded their products to include smoothies, juices, cheeze sauces, salads, and so forth.  I have been buying their products since they first started in 2011 and sold Kale chips (which they still do, thank goodness), and am so pleased to see their growth and success. All products are vegan and gluten free.

Rawthentic Chocolate.  This company makes sweets from raw chocolate and seeds.  You can order online or from the Seaport Market.  Their products are delicious.

The Little Carrot.  While the primary merchandise of this company is minerals and vitamins, they have a good selection of raw nuts and fruit. They have a store in Porters Lake, but I buy from their stall in the Seaport Market.

Crowbar Real Foods.  Not primarily a raw food company, but their crowbar energy bars (their first product, I believe) are vegan and raw, as well as their incredible avocado fudge.  All products are vegan. Located in the Seaport Market.

In the Raw Sprouting Centre.  This company does not appear to have a website.  They have a stall in the Alderney Landing Market (which I alternate weekly with the Seaport Market) and have a variety of raw, vegan products, including sprouts, sprouting seeds, brownies, pecan pie, almond milk, and so forth.

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