Be cruelty-free week: Musings on cosmetic testing in Canada

This week marks the one-year anniversary of the European Union’s ban on the testing of cosmetics on animals.  To celebrate the event, Humane Society International has dedicated this week to highlight the issue of cosmetic testing.  In this article, Rebecca Aldworth discusses the continued use of animal testing Canada, which she declares is “distinctly un-Canadian.”  As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I’m disappointed that Canada still lags behind other jurisdictions (e.g., Europe, Israel, and India) who have banned cosmetic testing.  Speaking on behalf of the Humane Society International, Aldworth hopes that Be Cruelty-Free Canada week will spur Canadians to demand action:

It is our hope and goal that by this time next year, with the support of compassionate Canadians, the Government of Canada will introduce an amendment to the Food and Drugs Act that bans both the testing of cosmetic products and ingredients on animals, as well as the sale of cosmetic products or ingredients subject to new animal tests after a fixed cut-off date. If it does, Canada will join the growing number of countries turning their back on beauty through cruelty, improving consumer safety and animal welfare in one go.

Readers are encouraged to sign this pledge. I know that people can be cynical about the effectiveness of such pledges, but they have been proven to be successful for other animal welfare campaigns.




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