Unlucky black? Not in my book

I’m including two posts that pertain to the misfortune black dogs and cats sometimes suffer when it comes to public perception.  Most humane societies will tell you that it’s harder to find homes for black dogs and cats.  This post discusses the Black Dogs Project, whose goal is to feature photographs of black dogs in order to dispel some of the biases they face. The infographic below lists some of the difficulties that black cats experience when it comes to finding forever homes:



I have been fortunate and lucky to have shared my life with a number of black animals:

  • Lady, my childhood dog
  • Kim, the black cat I had as a teenager
  • Lucy, the black and white tuxedo rabbit I had as a teenager
  • Mikey and Cleo, two black cats I had as an adult
  • Atticus and his mother Calpurnia, whom I adopted in September (see picture below.  Atticus is on the left).1441381_701421776534847_1409201841_n

I think I’m the luckiest person alive to have had these black beauties in my life.



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