Dame Angela Lansbury

Angela Lansbury has been made Dame by Queen Elizabeth, to honour the former’s lifetime of acting and charity work. I’ve always liked Dame Lansbury, and I am pleased that she has been acknowledged and honoured by her country of birth. Most people, of course, know her as Jessica Fletcher on Murder, she wrote.  I admit to watching this series often, as it’s shown every night on a Canadian network.  The stories are formulaic, of course, and the resolution is rather silly, as people spontaneously admit to crimes based on evidence that would not stand up in court.  The show is enjoyable purely for the fun of watching the smart, kind, and charming Jessica Fletcher.  From what I have seen and heard of Dame Lansbury, she shares many of Jessica’s lovely qualities.

Dame Lansbury has been involved in many film projects as well; the three below are my favourites from her repertoire, and for each of which she was nominated for an Oscar:

gaslightmanchurianThe picture of Dorian Gray

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