Frostie the snow goat

This video shows the efforts made by Edgar’s Mission to help a Frostie the snow goat overcome a condition that has affected his ability to walk. Edgar’s Mission is a farm sanctuary in Australia that looks after over 250 rescued animals. Some people argue that it’s cruel to keep animals with disabilities alive, but I disagree; Frostie clearly looks  happy in his harness, and I think animals have a much more pragmatic approach than humans when it comes to accepting what life throws at them.


The face of animal testing

The video below features nine beagles, who had formerly been subjected to product testing, and who had spent their entire lives in cages.  The beagles were rescued by Beagle Freedom Project.  Seeing these animals enjoying their new identities as dogs, rather than just test subjects, is almost too much to bear.


H.R. Giger’s film legacy

Swiss artist H. R. Giger died yesterday at the age of 74.  In the film world, Giger is most famous for being the inspiration for, and the designer of the creature in the Alien franchise. Giger made designs for various other films, including Dune, Species, and Prometheus, but it is for the Alien creature for which he was most known.  Giger’s work is disturbing at many levels, as is shown in two images below; his creations really were the stuff of which nightmares are made, which why Alien and Aliens are such an effective blend of horror and science fiction


Restored Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

One of my favourite silent films, the 1920 The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, has been restored, to bring out colour and details that have not been seen since its original release.  A video that discusses the process can be seen here. I own this film and have seen it several times.  I hope the restored version will be available for sale.images