Not-so-humane meat

The latest mantra that I hear from many meat eaters is that they eat only meat that is raised humanely, is not confined, killed humanely, and so forth.  The bottom line, however, is that regardless of whether an animal was raised humanely or in a factory farm, it will still be killed.  Humane meat is a way, perhaps, of easing one’s conscience to the fact that what sits on your plate was once a living, breathing, and sentient creature, but the animal is still dead.  This article poses some interesting questions about the oxymoron that is “humane meat, ” such as whether people would be willing to eat dogs that were raised humanely for consumption, or whether people would be willing to kill an animal humanely themselves.  I suspect that most meat eaters would respond with a resounding “no,” but in the first instance, what is the actual difference between eating a dog raised for that purpose, versus a cow, goat, lamb, and so forth?  Why is one considered barbaric or wrong, while the other dinner?  In the second instance, if you buy and consume meat, someone has killed the animal on your behalf.


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