Vegan travel guides

As a vegan, I find that travelling can be challenging, as it’s not always easy to find plant-based foods, especially in airports and hotels.  Included below is a list of guides to help vegans maintain their plant-based diets while travelling:

Vegan travel guide: This page is part of the Circle our Earth website, which compiles various travel-based resources for vegans. The guide provides a comprehensive list of country-based vegan travel tips, as well as links to vegan travel products.

Matt Frazier, a vegan athlete, provides this list of 25 tips for eating vegan while travelling.  The tips are contributed by other vegan athletes.

Happy Cow, of course, is an essential travel guide for vegans.  I always consult Happy Cow before I travel, to find local vegan or vegan-friendly stores and restaurants in the cities I will be visiting.  This particular page provides a number of useful tips, such as how to handle airplane foods, the most veg-friendly cities in the world, and so forth.

Invest in the Vegan Passport, published by the Vegan Society (UK). This passport is a multilingual vegan phrasebook that describes what foods vegans do and do not eat in the languages of over 95% of the world’s population.


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