What influences the films we see

Google has conducted a survey with Millward Brown Digital to learn how people research and choose the films they see.  The page does not provide the full study, so I can’t assess its methodology or the reliability of the results. I don’t fit into the norm of the results, since I do not rely on trailers to determine whether to watch a film; rather, I read the reviews of respected film critics.  Trailers are so often misleading. Below are some of the results expressed via their infographics:







Some thoughts about horse racing

I cannot stand to watch horse races, especially steeple racing.  I am always terrified that the horses will stumble and suffer injuries.  These types of accidents do happen, so my fears are justified.  This article discusses the darker aspects of horse racing with regard to the treatment of animals. The article doesn’t cite many external resources, so its accuracy might need to be taken with a grain of salt, but I don’t doubt that the lives of racehorses are not particularly pleasant.  I consider horse racing to be another form of animal entertainment along the lines of zoos and marine parks; the animals are simply another financial commodity whose value is tied to their ability to perform.


How to order a vegan pizza

I love pizza.  I like to make my own pizza, including the dough, but sometimes I do order take out.  This blog post provides tips for ordering vegan pizza.  In Halifax, I order take out pizza from a locally-owned company called Alexandra’s Pizza.  I like the fact that I can order online, as I don’t need to go into lengthy explanations over the phone about why I don’t want cheese. The online ordering system allows me to deselect cheese; mind you, I’ve learned to add a comment in the order box that says “no cheese, please,” as the first two times I ordered the pizza without cheese, I was phoned to ensure that I hadn’t made a mistake.  Their crust and sauce are vegan; the sauce is really, really good.  Bramoso Pizza, another locally-owned business, makes its own vegan cheese, using local tofu and basil (similar to what I make at home); unfortunately, the company does not deliver outside the peninsula, but I take advantage of their take-and-bake service when I am on Quinpool.  On the Wedge Pizza, in Bedford, offers a vegan pizza called The Rocket, although it does not provide any vegan cheese. No delivery service outside of Bedford, so I don’t eat here very often.  I don’t order pizza from the larger chains like Little Caesar, Dominos, and so forth, because I find their pizzas to be very greasy and their tomato sauces indifferent at best.

Animal welfare, Veganism

World Day for Farmed Animals

October 2nd marks the World Day for Farmed Animals, to coincide with the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi.  According to the official websiteWorld Day for Farmed Animals (WDFA), founded in 1983, is dedicated to exposing the needless suffering and death of sentient animals raised and slaughtered for food. World Day for Farmed Animals will continue until animals are no longer seen as commodities, raised for their flesh and by-products. WDFA takes place on or around October 2nd to honor the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, an outspoken advocate of non-violence towards animals. As he said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.”

This video below is a short introduction to the fate of millions of farm animals that are killed every year.