How to order a vegan pizza

I love pizza.  I like to make my own pizza, including the dough, but sometimes I do order take out.  This blog post provides tips for ordering vegan pizza.  In Halifax, I order take out pizza from a locally-owned company called Alexandra’s Pizza.  I like the fact that I can order online, as I don’t need to go into lengthy explanations over the phone about why I don’t want cheese. The online ordering system allows me to deselect cheese; mind you, I’ve learned to add a comment in the order box that says “no cheese, please,” as the first two times I ordered the pizza without cheese, I was phoned to ensure that I hadn’t made a mistake.  Their crust and sauce are vegan; the sauce is really, really good.  Bramoso Pizza, another locally-owned business, makes its own vegan cheese, using local tofu and basil (similar to what I make at home); unfortunately, the company does not deliver outside the peninsula, but I take advantage of their take-and-bake service when I am on Quinpool.  On the Wedge Pizza, in Bedford, offers a vegan pizza called The Rocket, although it does not provide any vegan cheese. No delivery service outside of Bedford, so I don’t eat here very often.  I don’t order pizza from the larger chains like Little Caesar, Dominos, and so forth, because I find their pizzas to be very greasy and their tomato sauces indifferent at best.


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