When people won’t eat your vegan food

This post discusses the unwillingness that some non-vegans to eat vegan food.  I have encountered this same reaction a few times. I love to cook, and I think it’s something I do well.  I like to experiment with new ingredients and create my own recipes.  I collect cookbooks, but I use them more for inspiration than as actual guides.  While most people I know have been happy to try my food and have enjoyed it, I have encountered a few others who won’t eat anything if it doesn’t , contain animal products. I get the backhanded compliments sometimes, in the line of  “Oh, this is good,” with the clear tone of surprise in their voice that food that doesn’t contain animal products can taste good and “normal,” but I choose to take it in a positive light.  I have a family member who will turn her nose up at a lot of foods I prepare because they are vegan: She won’t even try them. At one Christmas dinner, I served coconut ice cream with apple pie.  This family member ate the entire serving of ice cream and clearly enjoyed it.  When she saw the empty ice cream container, and realized that it was a non-dairy ice cream, she said, “Oh, I thought it didn’t taste right.”  I think my eye rolls could be heard from the other room.  My reaction to her when she won’t eat what I prepare is, “Oh good, more for me.”


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