10 Vegan Holiday Main Dishes

This post features 10 delicious vegan main dishes for the holiday season:

I spend Christmas with my family in Toronto.  I am the only vegan (and vegetarian) in the family, but they are all very supportive of my lifestyle choice, and my parents, in particular, are always happy to enjoy whatever I prepare.  We always have a Tofurky roast, because I must admit I really like it, complete with my own mushroom sauce.  I  normally prepare roasted garlic and rosemary brussels sprouts and carrots, and enjoy my mother’s delicious roasted potatoes.  The soup is always vegan.  We’ve never been much for desserts in our family, so I normally have just a chocolate coconut milk ice cream. I will try the cauliflower alfredo lasagne and the pumkin corn chowder while I’m there.



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