Rising awareness of animal welfare amongst travellers.

According to this post, a sea change in public opinion and growing awareness of animal rights and the ethical treatment of animals is beginning to reshape the ways in which travel companies and travelers are interacting with the animal kingdom.  The article says that travellers are increasingly staying away from animal-based entertainment events, such as swimming with dolphins, riding elephants, circuses, and so forth.  I’m very pleased to hear about this of course; it’s somewhat ironic, however, that when I mentioned to someone that I would be visiting Atlanta (Georgia) in May, the first recommendation was that I visit the aquarium.  A venue that features trapped wild sea life is hardly on my “must visit” list. To give this person credit, she is not aware of my ethical vegan stance when it comes to animal entertainment, but it’s still sad to think that these types of venues continue to be promoted as highlights for tourists. We still have a long way to go.


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