Smoked tofu salad


This salad contains all organic products purchased mostly from the Historic Farmers’ Market and Organic Earth Market. I made this for my dinner, so it’s a large serving for one.

  1. I tossed brussels sprouts and sliced carrots in Pendolino olive oil (from Liquid Gold) and roasted at 400F.
  2. For greens, I used a combination of arugula, watercress, and micro greens.
  3. I added home-sprouted marrowfat peas and red lentils.
  4. Pitted kalamata olives (use only those marinating in olive oil)
  5. Diced smoked tofu from Sunrise Soya
  6. For the dressing, I used a simply rosemary-infused olive oil (again from Liquid Gold), Braggs apple cider vinegar, and organic mustard.
  7. I added some sprinkled Hemp Hearts from Manitoba Harvest.

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