New bag from DZYN

I am the proud owner of a new bag, made my beautiful and talented friend Megann, the owner and creator of DZYN, a company based in Saint Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia. Megann reuses fabrics from clothing, sofas, curtains, and so forth, to create beautiful, original, and highly functional bags. Handbags make me weak at the knees, so I know I will be a frequent buyer.  My bag Avocado’s Number, is a lovely shade of green (my favourite colour), and is a square-shaped tote, which is perfect for my daily office use. The lining is a beautiful combination of shades of green and dark teal.  The bag contains many functional interior and exterior pockets. I use a portable handbag insert (or organizer), as I like to transfer easily the contents of one bag to another (I switch my bags often), so I probably won’t use all the pockets, but I still appreciate having them.  Most importantly, Megann’s bags fit my lifestyle, as they are vegan, made locally, and reuse existing materials.  Megann is happy to make custom orders, too, and to repurpose some fabrics you might have at home.



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