Shampoo Bar from Earth Elementals

Most shampoos, even those that are sulfate-free, strip my scalp and hair horribly. I tried the no-shampoo method of using a combination of baking soda and water, but after a while, my scalp, which is on the dry side to begin with, became even drier and very irritated.

I know some people might get turned off when I write this, but I shampoo my hair only once a week; any more, and my scalp becomes very dry. In between shampoos, I will rinse my hair and scalp with warm water, when needed, and apply conditioner. In North America, people tend to wash their hair every day, which is unnecessary unless you sweat profusely or have a very oily scalp (I suspect that over washing might make your scalp oilier). Because liquid shampoos, even those without sulfates and parabens, dry out my scalp, I’ve been on the hunt for a soild shampoo bar, since these bars are much easier to use when travelling, and don’t produce unnecessary packaging. I have tried a number of brands, but most still dried my scalp. My quest ended with the shampoo bar from my friends at Earth Elementals, a company based in Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia. I have been using Earth Elemental products for several years, such as their body and laundry soaps. The shampoo bar works wonders for my hair and never strips the scalp. For those who are used to a lot of lather in shampoos (lather does not clean the skin, but serves to only dry it), you need to get used to the different feel of a shampoo bar. I finish with one of my Aveda conditioners (I use a deep conditioner after I shampoo, and a regular conditioner during the week). I purchase Earth Elementals from the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market and Pete’s Frootique.

I usually apply some pure argan oil to my scalp the night before I plan to wash my hair. Not the nasty commercial products that you can find at many salons and pharmacies, which have argan oil far down the list, mixed with several silicones, and phthalates.   I am talking about pure argan oil, which you can buy from most health food stores.  I use argan oil on my face every night, too, and add it with a number of my DIY products.

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