EWG’s 2015 list of sunscreens

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that the sun is not my friend.  I have a low tolerance for heat, and have avoided the sun avidly since I was in my early teens and read about how damaging the sun is to skin.  I grew up surrounded by people who worshipped the sun, and had the leathery skin to show for it.  Skin cancer, of course, is another major consideration.  I always read the Environmental Working Group’s list of sunscreens as, unfortunately, many commercial sunscreens have rather nasty ingredients. I have skin that irritates easily, so I am very careful what products I use.  I prefer physical sunscreens (e.g., titanium dioxide), as I find chemical sunscreens too harsh on my skin.  My daily moisturizer is Dermalogica’s Super Sensitive Sunscreen SPF 30.  I wear mineral make up, which adds another SPF of 15.  I wear facial sunscreen every day, regardless of season or weather.  I wear body sunscreen once skin is exposed.  My aversion to the sun has been the subject of jokes and teasing for many years.  I was the only teenager I knew who would sit under a towel, under an umbrella on a Mediterranean beach. I have clothing with an SPF factor of 100 to protect me, and I always walk in the shade.  I may be pale, but I think my skin looks far better for it.  But what about Vitamin D, I am asked constantly? Drops, thank you very much, I say.

Here is this year’s EWG list of sunscreens.  Of these, I use Alba Botanica and CoTZ on my body.  These two, plus my facial sunscreen, Dermalogica have EWG rating of 2, which is low.


Vegan apps

I am a card-carrying (or should that be device-carrying) technophile, so naturally, a post about 10 vegan apps is bound to catch my attention. Unfortunately, this site links only to the iTunes versions, which is of not help to Android users such as me.  I’ve provided a link to both versions, where available. I have listed only six of the apps below, because one is very limited to the US, and the other three are not related closely enough to veganism.

21-Day Vegan Kickstart: iTunes

Do Eat Raw: iTunesAndroid

Animal Free; iTunes; Android

Happy Cow: iTunes; Android (very handy when travelling)

Food Truth; iTunes; Android

GoodGuide; iTunes; Android (focus is on animal-friendly products)

Animal welfare

A former pig farmer’s thoughts about Esther the Wonder Pig

As should be obvious by now, I love Esther the Wonder Pig, and her entire and growing family of humans, dogs, pigs, goats, horse, donkey, and rabbits. This post, written by a former pig farmer, who spend ten years raising pigs for slaughter, discusses the wondrous qualities of Esther and all pigs. Mr. Comis gave up raising pigs in 2014, after he could no longer justify killing them for food, and adopted a vegan diet. Making meat is not benign. It takes a life, a life that not only by its very nature, but by our own reckoning – by the joy Esther brings us and the love we feel for her – is precious. In order for people to satisfy what amounts to a mere gustatory craving, the beautiful essence, the fundamental core of Esther’s pigness, her being, must be wantonly and utterly obliterated.

As I have said so many times, it’s difficult to understand how one can love one animal and be horrified at the thought of killing that animal for food, yet think nothing of eating other animals.