EWG’s 2015 list of sunscreens

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that the sun is not my friend.  I have a low tolerance for heat, and have avoided the sun avidly since I was in my early teens and read about how damaging the sun is to skin.  I grew up surrounded by people who worshipped the sun, and had the leathery skin to show for it.  Skin cancer, of course, is another major consideration.  I always read the Environmental Working Group’s list of sunscreens as, unfortunately, many commercial sunscreens have rather nasty ingredients. I have skin that irritates easily, so I am very careful what products I use.  I prefer physical sunscreens (e.g., titanium dioxide), as I find chemical sunscreens too harsh on my skin.  My daily moisturizer is Dermalogica’s Super Sensitive Sunscreen SPF 30.  I wear mineral make up, which adds another SPF of 15.  I wear facial sunscreen every day, regardless of season or weather.  I wear body sunscreen once skin is exposed.  My aversion to the sun has been the subject of jokes and teasing for many years.  I was the only teenager I knew who would sit under a towel, under an umbrella on a Mediterranean beach. I have clothing with an SPF factor of 100 to protect me, and I always walk in the shade.  I may be pale, but I think my skin looks far better for it.  But what about Vitamin D, I am asked constantly? Drops, thank you very much, I say.

Here is this year’s EWG list of sunscreens.  Of these, I use Alba Botanica and CoTZ on my body.  These two, plus my facial sunscreen, Dermalogica have EWG rating of 2, which is low.


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