Quebec City

I had the good fortune to spend my holidays in Quebec City last week.  I’ve been to this city four times now, although a number of years have transpired since my last trip.  The first two times I went there was as a chaperone to a Grade 10 field trip when I was a high school teacher. It’s not the most relaxing way to spend time in Quebec City, as your role is closer to that of a warden, patrolling hotel corridors to ensure that none of the students have done a bunk, and touring the sites with dozens of very noisy teenagers.  The third time I visited was when I was attending a conference held in the the Université de Laval, but I didn’t spend too much time in the city.  This past week was an opportunity to explore the city leisurely.

As always, I visited a number of churches.  I spent much of my Saturdays as a child and teenager visiting and photographing country churches with my father, and the love of churches has stuck. Below are some of the beautiful churches in the city. My favourite is Saint Roch, as it has a simple, clean elegance and beauty, and a magnificent pipe organ.

Holy Trinity Cathedral (Anglican)
Holy Trinity Cathedral (Anglican)


Notre Dame Basilica
Notre Dame Basilica


Notre Dames des Victoires
Notre Dames des Victoires


Saint Jean Baptiste
Saint Jean Baptiste
Saint Roch
Saint Roch

There are plenty of museums and cultural spots to visit in the city.  I have a Master’s degree in history of New France, so these museums were especially meaningful:

  • Musée de l’Amérique francophone
  • Musée de la civilisation
  • Musée des Ursulines de Québec
  • Musée du Fort
  • Musée nationale des beaux-arts du Québec
  • Musée Royal 22e Régiment

Plus, of course, the historic sites of Petit Champlain and the Plaines d’Abraham.

I found delicious vegan ice cream at Érico chocolaterie pâtisserie, which serves ice creams, chocolates, and has a museum about chocolate.  I was fortunate to be renting a condo on Rue St. Jean, two blocks away from a large health food store (La carotte joyeuse), so I had no trouble eating healthy vegan meals. It was also wonderful to speak only French.  I rented my condo from Les immeubles Charlevoix, which I recommend highly.  This is the studio condo I rented.


11 things you didn’t know about pigs

This article provides insight into 11 characteristics held by pigs:

A Sixth Sense
Recognition of Friends
Sensitive Snouts
Robust Memory
Unique Personalities
Play Fetch
Human Understanding
Have Fun
Play Video Games

Anyone who follows the daily live of the delightful Esther the Wonder Pig can attest to her intelligence, sentience, and personality, yet these highly intelligent and sociable creatures are still slaughtered by the millions for food and their skin.  It has been heartening to read about the many Esther followers who have given up meat as they have come to know her.

Vegan Row in Toronto

My beautiful home town is increasing its vegan embrace:  Six new vegan bakeries have opened on Bloor Street West between Christie Street and Lansdowne Avenue, which is being referred to as Vegan Row.  I will certainly visit when I’m  next in town.

New Montreal vegan cafe

Cafe Venosa is a vegan cafe in Montreal that serves also as an adoption centre for cats.  Coincidentally, it will be opening on my birthday (June 19).  Another coincidence is that I will be in Quebec City next week to celebrate my birthday, but I will be passing through Montreal via the airport and train, so I don’t think I’ll have time to visit.  Definitely a good reason to visit Montreal in future, however.  Here is their blurb:

Vous cherchez un café ami-des-chats qui se comporte bien envers les animaux, l’environnement et les gens? Chez Café Venosa, nous sommes un groupe végétalien, soucieux de l’environnement qui souhaite contribuer à réduire la surpopulation de chats dans les refuges pour animaux. Que se passe-t-il lorsqu’un chat de chez nous est adopté? Nous invitons alors le refuge à nous confier un nouveau pensionnaire ! Tous nos aliments sont végétaliens et respectueux de la planète, des animaux et des personnes. Même nos produits de nettoyage sont choisis avec soin afin de refléter notre position sociale. Nous cherchons à ne pas soutirer de notre environnement des ressources que nous ne pouvons pas lui rendre. Nous espérons devenir une source significative d’éducation et de plaisir pour tout le monde, alors s’il vous plaît, partagez et posez vos questions !

Looking for a cat café done the right way? At Café Venosa, we are a vegan, environmentally-vigilant group that seeks to help reduce the animal overpopulation in shelters by adopting our cats and replacing them with other cats from the shelter. All our food is vegan and scrumptious with the planet, animals and people in mind. Even our cleaning products are chosen carefully. We wish not to take from our environment what we cannot give back.