2015 Canadian Animal Protection Laws Rankings

A new in-depth study released by the Animal Legal Defense Fund (A U.S. agency) shows confirms the wide disparity that exists across Canada in terms of provincial and territorial animal protection legislation, as summarized in the graphic below:

2015-canadian-rankings-map-web-1000pxThe full report can be found here. I am pleased to see that my home province (Ontario) and my province of residence (Nova Scotia) are in the top tier.  According to the report:

Nova Scotia shows the most significant improvement, moving from fourth to second position. Nova Scotia’s  improved ranking is attributable to its enactment of stiffer maximum penalties, with animal abusers now facing  fines up to 75,000$ and imprisonment for up to two years for a third or subsequent offence. The province also  broadened the range of protections benefitting animals, including protection against being kept in unsanitary  conditions and protection from abandonment that is likely to cause distress. Additionally, Nova Scotia’s  amended legislation now explicitly recognizes animals’ ability to suffer psychologically.

The graphic below, taken from the report, shows a summary of animal-welfare legislation enacted in our provinces and territories since the report was first published in 2008:



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