Animal welfare

Dogs who provide a lifeline to people without homes

This article discusses the strong bonds that can exist between people who are homeless and their canine companions.  Since many hostels in the UK do not allow dogs, Dog’s Trust Hope Project works to provide shelter to people and their animal friends.  I have encountered many homeless people and their dogs (or cats) in Toronto and Halifax, and I have always been struck by the bond that exists between them, and by the fact that the animals’ welfare always comes first, to the point where sometimes the person will go hungry before the dog or cat does.  This article discusses how the dogs provide a lifeline to the people who care for them.


Vegan calculator

The Vegan Calculator is a tool that allows you to see the impact that a plant-based diet  has an animals and the environment. There is no way by which I can verify how this tool was designed, or its reliability or validity (typical academic), but it certainly makes me feel good to think that this is the possible impact of my vegan lifestyle, even though I don’t need the validation.  Below are my results: