Hamburg, Germany, bans coffee pods

The city of Hamburg has banned the use of single-use coffee pods in state-run buildings as an effort to reduce waste. I very much hope other cities will follow this example. I know that some people get up in arms at the thought of being told what they can or cannot eat or drink, but the amount of waste generated by these pods is serious. I am tired of the old “they can be recycled” argument; as I’ve stated before, even assuming that all the pods are recycled, which may not be the case (the linked article says that only 5% of the Keurig pods were recycled in 2014), the amount of fossil fuels needed to create these pods, let alone recycle them, must be considered. I’ve been using a French press and an AeroPress for years. I’ve timed the speed of using these two devices, versus the single-pod machine, and it doesn’t amount to much more than a minute or two. Have we become so lazy that we can’t invest an extra two minutes to making a cup of coffee? Further, I have yet to like the taste and quality of the coffee produced by any of these single-pod machines.


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